Arbek AKAY Named As The New Ceo At Borsan Kablo

Arbek Akay, the experienced metal industry executive, has been appointed as the new CEO at Borsan Kablo, which is one of leading companies in Turkey at copper and aluminum cable production and high-tech LED lighting products. Borsan Kablo is the admiral ship of the Borsan Group which consists of 16 different companies in various industries.

Arbek Akay began his professional career in the advertisement business in 1995 and stepped into the aluminum flat rolled industry in 2000 at Assan Alüminyum and 14 years to this company, where he gained experience in domestic and international sales, marketing, corporate strategy management, integrated planning and corporate performance management. Akay has taken various infrastructural responsibilities at various levels, in an array of projects in productivity, project management, ERP development, change management and implementation and external relation management.

Akay served as the Corporate Strategy and Marketing Director at Assan Alüminyum between 2012 and 2015, and represented his company and the national level at the Turkish Aluminum Industrialists’ Association (TALSAD) and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), and at international level represented the national flat rolled aluminum industry at the European Aluminum Association (EAA) and the German Metal Distributors Association (WMG) as an experienced name in global markets. Between 2015 and 2018, Arbek Akay was named as the General Manager at Turkey’s first aluminum rolling company Teknik Alüminyum, where he led the transition from a family company to a corporate governed management structure.

Born in 1973, Akay has visited the Adolf Reichwein Gymnasium (Germany) and Cağaloğlu Anadolu Highschool in Turkey, prior to receive his bachelor’s degree in Economy at the University of Istanbul. Akay also holds an Executive MBA from the Sabancı University.

He speaks fluently English and German, is married and a father of a child.