We are carrying energy, all around the world.

Borsan Cable is the rising star of Turkey on the global market since 1984.

  • Vision

    Our ethical principles, values, goals and strategies in line with our developing products; to produce the high-standard, our sales and after-sales service to perform at the highest level, our customers, our dealers, our partners, our environment and the value we add to our corporate partners to sustain and improve significantly.

  • Mision

    Expanding our areas of expertise in the sectors open up new horizons, increasing needs and expectations of our customers the highest level of satisfaction to move, foreseeing the possible requirements to improve product and solution.

  • Quality Policy

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Message From the Chairman

Esteemed Employees, Customers, Business Partners;

We are feeling the joy of investing in many different sectors, achieving a great success from all our investments and also writing an important existential story for more than 30 years. We have achieved all thanks to our profitability, diligence, energy, business ethics and respect to ethical values.

From now onward, we will continue creating new values and growing together with our employes, customers and business partners by making no concessions to these principles.

We constantly continue investing in our existing companies and working on capacity increase. With the important investments achieved in 2013, we have increased the capacity in Borsan by 30%, Yılka Cable by 45%, Borpanel Furniture by 50%. These recent investments enabled us to revise our group turnover determined to be 500 million for 2014 as 550 million.

I would like to thank all our employees, business partners and customers who believed in us.


Chairman of the Board

Company Profile

Within Borsan Group, which was founded with the establishment of Borsan Electrics in 1984, there are 15 firms which operate in different fields. BORSAN GROUP operates in various fields like; Electrical materials production (cable, lighting, electrical installation materials), wooden natural door, furniture and standard furniture manufacture, construction sector, media and health sector.

Our group employs more than 2.000 people in 7 sectors with 14 separate firms and exports to more than 70 countries over 4 continents. Every member of our group achieves very important accomplishments, locally, in Turkey and in international markets with disciplined, principled and professional working.
With its modern technology, work discipline, trained and experienced personnel, contemporary manufacturing equipment, our group adopts responding to customer requests at the best level, providing unconditioned customer satisfaction making progress in this direction continuously, presenting always the best by following the technological development and self improvement, being the best and staying as the best as its main goal.