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Our Production Facilities

Borsan Cable factory and production facilities

Production Plants

Borsan Kablo copper plant carries out its productions on a 17,450 square meter plot and a 19,500 square meter closed area including all floors on it. Casting capacity is 1000 tons, cable production capacity including conductor production is 1000 tons in total. In the facility production park; consists of coarse and fine wire drawing, thin and thick wire twisting, insulation, insulation twisting, sheathing, shielding-banding and packaging lines. In total, more than 3000 types of cables are produced. Low voltage energy and installation cables, special cables and copper conductors constitute the main product range. It exports more than 50% of its production to 93 countries in 5 continents, excluding domestic sales.

Aluminum cable production processes are carried out on a 17,428 square meter land, on a 40,000 square meter closed area, on the ground floor. Wire rod casting capacity is 1700 tons and cable production capacity including conductor is 1250 tons. plant production park; consists of wire drawing, thin and thick wire twisting, insulation, curing and annealing, isolated core twisting, sheathing, banding and packaging lines. Low voltage power cables with aluminum conductors (PVC, XLPE), overhead line cables with suspended wires, Aluminum conductors constitute the main product range. It exports more than 70% of its production to 93 countries in 5 continents. Weak Current Cable Production Facility and Borled Lighting Products Production Facility are also located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the same building.

Borsan Weak Current Cable plant entered the sector in 2015 to produce specially designed cables. It has made a strategic investment move on a global scale with the aim of increasing its operational efficiency and volume by strengthening its power in the European market, providing export-oriented employment, and expanding its production range. In this context, Salvi Cavi, one of the most rooted weak current cable manufacturers in Milan, Italy, was purchased because of a very comprehensive feasibility. Afterwards, with all the production lines and experience of the facility, Borsan Cavi brand took its place among the production facilities of Borsan Kablo, with the move to Turkey in 2017. Borsan Cavi; It has half a century of cable production history in Italy, has also produced over 8,000 cables and has a deep technical infrastructure and knowledge of the process. It is an approved supplier to more than 180 government infrastructure and OEM manufacturers, including the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), with its ability to process many types of specialty raw materials. Borsan Weak Current facility, which has a total cable production capacity of 120 tons, directs most of its production to export.

Our firm, which ranks among the biggest manufacturers in Lighting Sector Of Turkey, is the leader of its sector in domestic and abroad markets with 4000 types of products manufactured on the modern machinery with the help of 20 years of experience.

Borsan, who make the designs and moulds of the products it manufactures within its own plants and with its experienced personnel, has brought new standards to the lighting sector through its own practical solutions.

Raw materials used in the products we manufacture do not contain any substances hazardous for the environment and health.

It consists of 2 fully automated production lines in a closed area of ​​2000 square meters and has a monthly production capacity of 1200 tons of PVC granules. At the same time, it is the supplier of all of Borsan Kablo’s businesses and meets the need for PVC raw materials used in the cable.

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