UL AWM Style Cables

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What Does UL AWM (Appliance Wiring Material) Mean?

UL AWM styles are a wide range of “Appliance Wiring Materials” category that covers a number of cable structures. The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) AWM styles enable manufacturers to objectively and reliably comply while providing thousands of OEMs with more secure, compatible products.

UL is a testing and auditing organization that certifies products. UL assigns a different style number for each approved AWM structure and creates a style sheet listing several properties, such as conductor section, insulating material, temperature and voltage rating. Each style shows the area of general use according to the product’s UL rating.

How To Find Appropriate AWM Style?

UL has a useful tool available on its iQ™ website (iq.ul.com/awm) that allows a user to access information about AWM wires. Parametric search is one of the most helpful features when looking for a wire that meets specific application requirements. The search form allows the user to input the temperature, AWG size, material type as well as many other requirements, and it returns a list of styles that meet the input criteria.

The site also allows users to search for companies that make a particular style, and it provides visibility to the style page itself. Borsan Kablo is one of the biggest UL Cable producers in Turkey with 97 different AWM style.

Borsan Kablo Single-Conductor, Thermoplastic Insulation AWM Styles

Borsan Kablo Multiple-Conductor, Thermoplastic Insulation AWM Styles