Borsan Cable to relocate its custom design cable plant in Italy to the city of Samsun. The purpose behind the relocation of the factory which will be commissioned by the end of this year to Samsun is to lower the
costs while increasing the market share in Europe. Having announced their decision to relocate their custom design cable factory which is located in Italy and that the new factory is now under construction, Adnan Ölmez, Chairman of the Board of Borsan Group, noted that the manufacturing plant will be the first and unique in Turkey
to produce custom design cables.

Under Construction

Having stated that they will be relocating the custom design cable factory located in Milan which they have allocated under the name of Salvi Calvi in 2014 and which is being operational under the name of Borsan Cavi for the last 2 years will be relocated in Samsun, Adnan Ölmez said that the decision is a big one for both Turkey and Samsun and that it is a strategic investment. The purpose behind the relocation of the factory which will be commissioned by the end of this yearto Samsun is to lower the costs while increasing the market share in Europe.

Good News

“We have made significant investments into copper and aluminium cable manufacturing,” said Mr. Ölmez, having emphasized that Borsan Cable has been making significant investments in the recent years.


“We have relocated the Turkey’s second largest aluminium manufacturing plant from Gebze to Samsun last year.
Borsan Cable has become one of the leading aluminium and copper cable manufacturers in Turkey. Of course, our operations are not limited to Turkey. Borsan Cable is a brand exporting to 70 countries. However,
we have also experienced the issue of not being able to export to Europe with the deserved profit margin just like other manufacturers.  have been working in order to get ahead of this issue. In this context,
we have purchased a factory which is located in Milan, Italy from our Italian partner, a significant manufacturer for Europe. Since then, we have been manufactured there for last 3 years. The purpose behind this purchase was to acquire the identity of a global manufacturer and to have the chance to manufacture high-tech and
custom design cables.

By the end of 2016, we have decided to relocate the production lines in our factory in Italy to Turkey. Our labs, sales teams, and inventory departments will remain in Italy. We will continue to offer our products to Europe with our Italian identity. Italian Government and syndicates did not want us to withdraw. It was a good decision, however, we have faced issues with Italian Government, local administrations and syndicates with respect to moving our operations.

The reason behind it was that they did not want to lose the technology and the work power employed. Thank God, we have overcome these issues. As of now, all the production lines are shipped to Turkey and
they are being assembled. This is good news for both Samsun and Turkey, as we are moving a factory which is able to manufacture strategic cables and custom cables for the aerospace industry and providing the needs for the high-tech machinery. It is also important in terms of employment, but what more important is that we will be manufacturing
custom design products in Turkey and export them. There are no standards for these cables and there is no other company focusing on such operations. We are taking this step in Turkey for the first time. First, we have ensured
our strategic position in Europe having purchased a factory in Italy. Now, we will reduce our costs relocating our production to Turkey.

We are going to increase our market share in Europe by increasing our production. This is a strategic investment for us. We will continue offering our products under the brand of Borsan Cavi. We will manufacture here and we will introduce our products to all countries in Europe through Italy,” he added