Our Human Resources Policy

What lies at the bottom the fact that Borsan has been breaking grounds in all business segments where it has operated since its founding date, 1984, and became the star of those sectors in a very short time is the importance given to human resources.
Our starting point and destination is no different in Borsan Group “Strategic Human Resources Management Determined Upon the Needs of our Group Companies”…

Main principles of Borsan Group Human Resources Policy:
Human Resources Management
• To make each one of our employees feel special with our company culture based on our corporate values
• To adopt an equal approach against all candidates with a standard and position-based election and employment methods
• To be the employee preferred by the qualified work force

Investing in Personal Development of Employees

• To create an appropriate atmosphere and other facilities for employees to enable them getting personally developed and showing their potentials
• To guide employees in terms of personal development to be able to create a qualified, successful, global work force and leader pool
• To generalize competence based human resources management system among all employees

Organizational Development

• In order to sustain the success within the organization, to revise and re-structure human resources, processes and systems
• To apply continuous training policy for the personal development of employees and the organization

Increasing the Motivation and Loyalty of Employees

• To enable the formation and extension of a participating, sharing, open-minded, differential and up-to-date culture,
• To consider employee suggestions and demands,
• To create a business environment where ethical values are respected and the balance between business and personal lives are regarded