Dear Stakeholders,

As Borsan, we give priority to taking health precautions focused on protecting the health of our employees, our valued customers and their families from the coronavirus pandemic.

Within the scope of the measures we have taken against this worrying pandemic, we keep our head office in Istanbul Perpa closed and carry our work flow to our homes. During this period, we will continue to provide uninterrupted service to you, our valued customers, through all our business processes by telephone, teleconference and appropriate internet applications.

Borsan Copper and Aluminum Power and Installation Cables, Borsan Cavi Weak Current and Special Cables and Borled Lighting and Electrical Products Factories in Samsun continue their activities without stopping within the framework of the health measures we have taken, including our production facilities, supply chain and delivery planning.

We will present the latest developments to our information on our website and social media channels.

All together! We hope that we will get through as soon as possible and wish you a healthy day.

To communicate,

Süleyman Afşın Keskin

Export Sales Manager

+90 534 541 4864