Documents de CPR et déclaration de performance (DoP)

Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/AB CPR 

CPR-Construction Products Regulation is the short name given in the cable sector for the provision of the Construction Materials Regulation. The EN 50575 standard is used as the main standard, which will start on 1 July 2017 with all European countries.

EN 50575 Standard includes the requirements for fire response performance of power, control and communication cables used in buildings and substructures and test and conformity assessments made according to these requirements. This standard specifies the criteria for performance classes, not the performance of the cable types against fire.

CPR The aim of the building materials regulation is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the supply of all the materials used in construction and the keeping them on the market and to establish a reliable source of information about the performances of building materials.



Test methods
EN ISO 1716 EN 50399 a EN 60332-1-2 EN 61034-2 c EN 60754-2 c,d
Aca X
B1ca X b X X X
B2ca X X X X
Cca X X X X
Dca X X X X
Eca X
Fca No performance determined
a      EN 50399 contains all the information previously referred to as FIPEC20 Scenario 1 and FIPEC20 Scenario 2.

b      Special conditions of test apply in EN 50399 to Class B1ca.

c      Additional classification tests.

d      EN 60754-2 contains all the information previously contained in EN 50267-2-3.

As Borsan Cable , we have been shipping our products for testing and certification to an approved European organization for the completion of our CPR work.

Based on Test Results, we have our possible CPR classes below:

NAYY-NYY-NYM-H07-U-R-K , H05V-K, H03VV-F, H05VV-F,NXY,U-1000 R2V, COF-LET, NFA2X (ABC) Eca
N2XH, NHXMH, N2XH FE 180, H07Z1-U-R Cca  (Tests are ongoing)


After this regulation is published, all products will be marked as follows: